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Bentley Approved Bodyshop

Specialist Bentley Approved Bodyshop Network, consisting of 400+ Manufacturer-Approved Bodyshops and Repair Garages across the UK and Scotland.

The best option for your Prestige Bentley after a road traffic accident.

Are you looking for an Approved Bentley Bodyshop after a Road Traffic Accident that wasn't your fault?

If the answer is YES, we can help you to Recover, Replace and Repair your Bentley without any cost to you and without having to go through your own insurance.
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Why Prestige Repair

Our Bentley Approved Bodyshop network

Being in a road traffic accident is a stressful occurrence. Nobody wants to be involved in a car crash.

After a road traffic accident, the process only continues to get more complex. This is why we have established our Bentley Approved Bodyshop Network.

Some people work hard to pay for their pride-and-joy, prestige Bentley. The last thing that anyone would want to hear, is that there have been additional complications during your Bentley Bodyshop repair.

To avoid worrying about inexperience with a prestige car, such as your Bentley, speak us first at Prestige Repair after a car accident.

We ensure that your car is handed to a manufacturer-approved Bentley specialist after a car accident. Cars aren’t designed and manufactured like they used to be, especially not Prestige cars like your Bentley.

New and evolving technologies are used to make cars prestigious. They need to be handled by specialists who know them inside-out. Don’t gamble with your car repair after an accident.

Speak to our team about our nearest Bentley Approved Bodyshop.

Bentley Approved Bodyshop

Request a Bentley Approved Bodyshop Callback

Our specialist Bentley Approved Bodyshop customer service team are ready and waiting to help with your requirements. Enter your details below or call us on 0800 802 1879.

Bentley Accident Repair

Our Bentley Approved Bodyshop Promise

With our specialist Bentley Approved Bodyshop service, we have a prestige promise. You will receive a personal service that you expect from your Bentley Approved Bodyshop.

We guarantee that only the best Bentley approved repair methods are used. Ensuring your car is at a safe and quality standard.

Our Bentley Approved Bodyshops only use genuine Bentley parts and paint for the undertaken work. You’ll also be issued with a manufacturer-approved certificate of repair once the work is complete.

Why you should choose Prestige Repair as your Bentley Approved Bodyshop

Here at Prestige Repair, our team are a leading specialist Bentley Approved Bodyshop. In particular, we have grown into one of the United Kingdom and Scotland’s leading companies for non-fault accident repairs and body restorations.

We have invested in modern, bespoke systems to offer a complete customer journey during your Bentley Approved Bodyshop Repair. This allows us to keep you up to date, every step of the way. You won’t ever be left in the unknown. 

As a whole, Prestige Repair is an organisation of Bentley enthusiasts. The result of this shows in the standard of work at completion. You can sleep easy knowing that you will receive the most committed repair service, specialist for you and your vehicle.

The Bentley Approved Bodyshop Process

The Prestige Repair Bentley Approved Bodyshop process has been carefully developed to take you from the roadside to fully operational. Our team stay with you every step of the way.

Vehicle Roadside Recovery and Collection

The first hurdle after a car accident is instantaneous. Getting your vehicle recovered can be a time-sensitive matter. Prestige Repair has a dedicated Vehicle Recovery service to solve this for you.

Bentley Approved Bodyshop Assignment

Once we have recovered your vehicle from the roadside, or if you previously organised this yourself, we’ll swiftly get it assigned and booked into the nearest Bentley Approved Bodyshop. From here, a specialist Bentley Approved Technician will begin the repair.

Repairs, Parts, Testing and Updates

The Bentley Approved Bodyshop and Technician will begin with a full audit on the vehicle. This will uncover the full extent of the damage and repair needed. 

You will receive a copy of the audit report. This is to ensure that you fully understand what procedures your vehicle must undergo next. 

If additional parts are needed, they’ll be ordered straight away. While the technician awaits your new manufacturer-approved parts, your vehicle may be stored in one of our safe and secure, nearby storage facilities.

The new parts will be installed and tested. Since your vehicle was involved in a non-fault accident, the Bentley approved technicians will put your vehicle through additional safety testing to ensure you and your passengers are as safe moving forward as you were before the non-fault accident. 

Throughout this full repair process, your dedicated handler will keep you fully up to date on the progress. You’ll never be left unsure of what is going on.

Handing back your keys

Providing that the vehicle safety tests are successful, at this point you’ll be ready to receive your keys back.

You’ll be fully equipped to drive your Bentley once again, feeling safe and secure that you made the correct decision in a Bentley Approved Bodyshop.

Request a Bentley Approved Bodyshop Callback

Our specialist Bentley Approved Bodyshop customer service team are ready and waiting to help with your requirements. Enter your details below or call us on 0800 802 1879.

Minor Bentley Accident Repairs

Accidents vary in severity in every case. Our Bentley Approved Bodyshop deal with every instance of repair. Whether it be minor or major. 

Examples of minor Bentley repairs include: 

Dent Removals: Using specialist dent removal tools and methods, it is ensured that no unnecessary adjustments or repairs need to be carried out to avoid any unnecessary re-spray requirements.

Glass Repairs: Be it chips, cracks or major window damage, glass repairs are a quick and effective process with our Bentley repair centres. 

Scratch Repairs: Through specialist paint applicators and advanced, modern technology, our Bentley scratch repair process will restore your car to its original finish. 

Alloy Wheel Repairs: Easily damaged in a car accident, alloy wheels are able to be completely restored without any wheel replacement concerns.

Minor Accident Repair
Major Accident Repair

Major Bentley Accident Repairs

In many road traffic accidents, it’s often the case that major damages can occur from a collision.

With prestige cars, only the manufacturer and manufacturer-approved Bodyshops properly understand the requirements to undertake a major repair. This is important to bring your Bentley back to its original finish. 

It’s extremely difficult to say at this point what issues may be caused by a collision in a prestige car. To not have the approved specialists ensure that the correct methods are carried out, could result in much higher risks down the lifetime of the vehicle. 

It’s also important to know the difference between an insurance approved bodyshop and a Bentley approved bodyshop. Although your insurance’s approved Bodyshop may have experience with a Bentley, they may not use genuine Bentley parts during the repair. 

If your prestige car is still under its warranty when you have an accident, by not using genuine parts and methods, you may risk losing your Bentley warranty as a result. 

We are not able to advise on the terms and conditions of your particular warranty and if you have any questions, seek the correct terms and conditions from your Bentley dealer.

All of this is why it’s important to speak to ourselves before speaking to your insurance company about your Bentley Approved Bodyshop Repair.

The Cost of a Bentley Approved Bodyshop

Through our website, it wouldn’t be possible to offer an initial cost of a Bentley Approved Bodyshop repair. After you’ve had a car collision, an assessment of your Bentley is necessary.

The damage depends on the severity of the collision and a wide variety of additional circumstances. To understand the vehicle’s condition, one of our Bentley Approved Bodyshop specialists would assess the vehicle and produce a report on this for you.

However, depending on the circumstances, it could be possible that there are no costs involved whatsoever for you. 

“No costs, you say?” Aside from creating a trusted Bentley Approved Bodyshop network, our team are experts in Accident Claims Management.

Referred to in multiple terms: Accident Management, Claims Management, Accident Claims Management or Credit Hire – This term is a service provided by a credit hire company. 

If the car accident wasn’t your fault, there are no costs or excess that you need to pay after a car accident. This includes your Bentley Approved Bodyshop repair. It also means that you can avoid going through your insurance company entirely. 

Was the car accident NOT YOUR FAULT? Get in touch now to discuss how we can help with your Bentley Approved Bodyshop at no cost to you.

Bentley Approved

Prestige Accident Management for your Bentley

As a company, Prestige Repair will guide you through the Accident Management process, specifically Bentley Accident Management to ensure the best experience possible. 

There are other significant benefits to choosing our Bentley Accident Management service. These include:

Prestige Accident Management

A like-for-like Prestige Replacement

If you were to process a claim through your own insurance company, it’s highly likely that you won’t receive a like-for-like vehicle replacement after an accident that is similar to your Bentley. Insurance companies won’t voluntarily offer this level of service if it isn’t in the insurance agreement and like-for-like replacement very rarely is. So, you’ll end up being stuck in a very low-end vehicle for a potentially long duration, which isn’t acceptable. 

At Prestige Repair, we have a large fleet of prestige replacement vehicles for you to use while we are organising your Bentley Approved Bodyshop repair after an accident. We always guarantee that, no matter how long you’re without your Bentley, we’ll always have a like-for-like prestige replacement for you within 4 hours of your accident. Keeping you on the road and in the comfort that you’re used to.

Bentley Accident Recovery and Storage

Being stranded roadside after an accident is only half of the real issue. Getting roadside recovery and storing your Bentley after an accident is an additional headache that shouldn’t be your job to worry about. 

As an accident claims management client of Prestige Repair, we will recover you from the roadside and store your Bentley securely while we organise your Bentley Approved Bodyshop repair for you. 

Once again, all of this is at no cost to you providing that you weren’t at fault in the car accident. 

If you’re currently roadside and need help with recovery and storage, get in touch now by calling 0800 802 1879 or request a call back here

A Dedicated Prestige Claims Handler

While we are helping you with your Bentley Approved Bodyshop repair, you won’t go through the accident management process alone. One of our claims handlers will be available to you 6 days a week. 

After a car accident, the process isn’t a straightforward one. We’re here for you to ensure that you make all of the best decisions that you can from our 10+ years of experience in the industry, dealing with Bentley Approved Bodyshop repairs and Bentley Accident management cases every day. 

With us, you’ll be back on the road in no time without the worry or stress that this situation can bring. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your Bentley Car Accident Situation.

Bentley Approved Accident Repair

Through our manufacturer-approved repair network of over 400+ garages across the UK and Scotland, your dedicated claims handler will manage the full repair as part of the prestige accident management process. 

Starting from the point of accident, we’ll quickly assign and transport your Bentley to the nearest Bentley Approved Bodyshop. Here it will receive the specialist repair required. 

Using our bespoke internal Prestige Accident management system, you’ll be kept fully up to date throughout the repair process. 

When you receive your vehicle back, it’ll be as though you were never in the accident in the first place.

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Request a Bentley Approved Bodyshop Callback

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